Alert: Please check our our NEW WEBSITE:

Flu shots are available; please follow the above link to the new website for  details.

Please welcome Dr. Rodney Dewyer to our practice.  He started in  May. Dr. Dewyer trained at the University of Michigan and has been in practice for more than 10 years. He was formerly with the University of Michigan's Chelsea practice. He has joined the practice and is accepting new patients.

Dr. Mazer has left and is no longer part of our practice. Her patients are welcome to stay with the practice and see Dr. Babe or Dr.  Dewyer. If her patients want to follow her to the University of Michigan, please send us a signed release of information form.

A physician is always available to answer urgent calls at our practice. To reach us, day or night, call the office phone number (734 761 2165) and press 2 to reach the physician on call. In fact, if you have to call, you will get one of us. We may not have access to  your records at all time (when in the check out line at Meijer's we will not be able to see what you were allergic to 10 years ago). The web portal is also available for non-emergency issues. Please realize that we do not routinely check the website except during office hours, so if you have a problem on the weekend and really need to talk to the doctor, PLEASE CALL 734 761 2165. To access the portal, please follow the link to the right.

As always, if you have a medical emergency call 911

As of December 1 2012, Drs. Babe is now participating with Blue Care Network Premier Care. Other insurance participation is unchanged. Remember, Dr. Babe is not accepting new patients except for family members of current patients.

If you are hunting for insurance through the affordable health care act, please note, BCN created a new plan, called Select Bronze, Silver and Gold, which we do not participate in for this year. We participate in every other form of Blue Cross and Blue Care Network except the "Select" plans recently created.

For walk in labs, vaccines and nursing visit, remember that Maureen is here from 9-5 on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, 10-12 on Wednesdays and 1-5:30 on Thursdays.


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